AMAN Group

AMAN, is a business line of Raya Holding, an Egyptian FINTECH Company aims at providing better life for Egyptians through comfortable, easy and available financial processes based on deep understanding of their needs and quick response to market needs, which leads to a full coverage and providing of financial services that they need.

AMAN For E-Payments

A subsidiary of Raya Holding, AMAN is a young Egyptian FINTECH company that aspires to become the leading FINTECH Company in the region, and envisions an ultimate Egyptian cashless society with full financial inclusion for previously unattainable to masses of Egyptians
AMAN pledges a better quality of life to people through convenient, easy and available financial services based on in-depth understanding of people’s needs, continuous innovation and rapid response to market demand
AMAN goal is to become the most preferred FINTECH company in Egypt & the region, through relying on continuous innovation, technology agility & customer focus.
Aman for E-payments provides its services in all Egypt governorates through more than 230K POS Machines, and more than 200K Merchants. Aman for E-payments began its work in 2016, and we served more than 40 Million users and reached more than 70 Million transactions on monthly basis.

AMAN For Financial Services

AMAN FS aspires to be the Leading Enabler of Financial Services Access to all Egyptians. We aim to be the leading FINTECH Company in Egypt, providing suitable timely and diversified financial solutions, for the unbanked or those who have limited access to funding through skilled motivated workers, empowered by technology solutions
With more than 250 branches all over Egypt, AMAN for Financial services introduces the One Stop Shop (Convenience that Empowers); where the consumer can purchase any services or products using installments from electronics to cars, local & international trips, home furniture and much more
Furthermore, AMAN has provided its customers with installment payment services through more than 230,000 AMAN POS machines spread across the country.
AMAN FS began its work in March 2017, and in 3 years we have served more than 100,000 clients with an outstanding portfolio of over 450 million pounds of installments.

Aman For Microfinance

Aman for Microfinance was established in 2018 to finance micro-enterprises under the umbrella of AMAN for Non-banking Financial Services. It serves the purposes of economic development within society, under Law no. 141 of 2014 on regulating microfinance activity and decision no. 173 of 2014 concerning the rules and regulations set for companies practicing microfinance activity.

Aman for Microfinance aims to provide suitable financial solutions with easy terms and conditions for the non-banked or those who have limited access to funding. With more than 165 branches in 20 governorates, Aman for Microfinance provides its customers with different funding solutions to be suitable to all businesses modules.